It’s now possible to register to get early access to the site. I may call it a beta program, I may not. Let’s just say that you’ll be able to use the site before the general public.

It’s very simple, you just need to visit and submit your email address. The address you submit will only be used to inform you of when you can register, nothing more (unless you use the same email to subscribe to this blog, but that’s a different form).

After you submit your email, you’ll be given a unique URL that you can share with your friends. If they use it and submit their own email, you’ll be moved up in the waiting list and access the site even earlier. So, please, share along.

If you forget your unique URL and need it again, just re-submit your email address. You’ll be told that it was already in the waiting list and be given the URL again.

I don’t have yet a ETA for when you’ll be able to access Balliza but visit or subscribe to this blog, the Facebook Page or the Google+ Page to get the latest announcements.